Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


You are welcome to join as a 4THINK member. The 4THINK website is built and provided by “Four Think Enterprise” (hereinafter referred to as the Company), including: e-books, subscriptions, community memberships and subsequent related services launched by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) Service”), there is no charge for you to become a 4THINK member. You can use this service through a single 4THINK membership account. These Terms of Service constitute a contract between members and the Company. When you complete the registration process or start using this service, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of these Terms of Service. Your continued use of the Service after any modification or change shall be deemed that you have read, understood and agreed to accept such modification or change.

If you do not agree with the contents of these Terms of Service, or if your country or region excludes all or part of the contents of these Terms of Service, you should immediately stop using the Service.



In order to ensure the protection of members’ personal information, privacy and consumer rights, our company will use members’ personal information during the transaction process. We would like to inform you of the following matters in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act:

  1. Collection subject: Four Think Enterprise
  2. Purpose of collection: The purpose of collection by our company includes marketing, contracts, similar contracts or other legal relationship matters, consumers, customer management and services, consumer protection, online shopping and other e-commerce services, statistics and research analysis, and others Operate business that complies with the business registration items or the articles of association. The company will collect information during the member’s process of joining the membership, the process of making transactions, and the process of reading and browsing the web.
  3. Categories of personal information: The information collected by our company on the website and services includes the following types:
    1. Personal identification: such as the member’s name, address, phone number, email address, FB, Google+ account information provided by these operators when logging in, etc.
    2. Financial identification: such as bank account information.
    3. Others: Information automatically collected by our company’s system due to your login and use of the website.
  4. Period, region, object and method of use of personal data
    1. Period: During the operation of the company.
    2. Region: Members’ personal information will be used in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the regions where our company’s servers and backup servers are located.
    3. Usage objects and methods: Your personal information will only be processed and used by the company and its third parties in electronic or paper format within the scope necessary for the purpose of use, and will not be provided to any unrelated third party.
  5. Members’ rights to personal data: In accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, you have the following rights to our company
    1. Inquiry or request to view.
    2. Request a copy.
    3. Request an addition or correction.
    4. Request to stop collection, processing or use.
    5. Request removal.

If you want to exercise the above rights, you can call our company’s customer service to apply according to our company’s relevant procedures.

If you refuse to provide the necessary information required for this service, you may not be able to enjoy the full service or be unable to use the service at all.



The digital content, services and products provided by our company do not accept refund applications. Please know before purchasing.

However, based on the principle of serving customers, if there is a non-malicious return request due to product defects (such as high error rate), technical problems or repeated purchases, we are still happy to provide refund services and correct the problems encountered by readers as soon as possible.



Once this service is completed and your application is confirmed, the membership service content that will be provided to you will only be provided based on the functions and status provided at that time; the company reserves the right to add, modify or cancel related systems or functions within the membership service. . The initial period of membership service begins when the user fills in the application information and completes the registration process. The service begins on the day when the relevant system settings are completed and the membership service is available for use.

If you purchase or use paid services, you must promptly provide the information required during the purchase process. In order to properly provide you with relevant services, you should also guarantee that all the information you provide is correct and current. If If the information you have retained changes subsequently, you should update the information you have retained immediately. If the information you provide is inconsistent with the facts; or the information provided has been changed but not updated; or is misleading in any way, resulting in the inability to provide or continue to provide services to you, the Company does not assume any responsibility for this. All related domain names, network addresses, functions and all other rights and interests that can be used due to membership status provided by the membership service are still owned by the company or other legal rights holders, and members can only use them according to this agreement during the service period. The stipulations in the terms of service are for use only, and the membership rights may not be transferred, transferred, rented or lent to any other third party in any way.

The e-book service of this service is linked to your membership account or email address usage rights. If you lose your membership (for example, voluntarily terminate the membership service, lose your email address, or the company terminates your membership account due to breach of contract), you That means you cannot use the e-books you purchased or obtained for free. You acknowledge and understand that e-book services may be removed from the shelves or otherwise unable to continue to provide services due to contractual arrangements with copyright owners or publishers or infringement disputes. You agree that our company must cooperate if such circumstances occur. Processor, our company’s greatest responsibility to you is the consideration paid for you to obtain the e-book.



Before you use the membership service, you must go through the registration procedures specified by this service. During the registration process, you must fill in complete and correct information. You are solely responsible for any problems caused by incorrect or unupdated information.

You must keep the username and password you have obtained properly and keep them confidential, and you shall be responsible for all actions on this service after logging in with this username and password. It is recommended to log out after use, and do not transfer or lend it to a third party. If your username and password are used fraudulently or improperly by others, please inform our customer service staff as soon as possible to help you solve the problem. , but shall not be responsible or liable for any form of compensation or compensation to you.

Please maintain and update your personal information to ensure it is correct, current and complete. If you provide any wrong, untrue or incomplete information, this service has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse you to use all or part of this service.

If you log in through a third-party account (FB, Google+, etc.), please notify the company as soon as possible if the third-party account has been stolen to avoid damage to your rights and interests.


This service protects the privacy of all members in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and Privacy Policy. Regardless of whether it is application for an account, personal information or stored website information, except that it may involve illegality, infringement, or violation of the terms of service, or without the consent of the individual, this service The service will not arbitrarily monitor, add, delete, modify or close, or hand over personal information to third parties, including sponsored advertising vendors.

If there are joint operators with other cooperative vendors or partners in the membership service, the information of the cooperative vendors or partners will be disclosed. If you do not want to disclose your personal information to other cooperative vendors, you can choose not to use these specific services, but If you start using these specific services, you agree to provide your personal information to the partners of that specific service; this service will clearly inform you before collecting or transmitting the information, and then disclose your personal information to the partners of that specific service. Manufacturer.

You agree that under the following circumstances, this service may view or provide your personal information to courts, competent authorities, or third parties who provide appropriate proof that their rights have been infringed:

  1. Due to laws or orders of judicial administrative agencies.
  2. For the purpose of executing these membership terms of service.
  3. To maintain the normal operation and security of the member service system.
  4. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of other users or other third parties.


The Service or our third parties may provide links to other websites or online resources. You may be linked to websites operated by other operators. Websites operated by other operators are the responsibility of each operator and are not within the control and responsibility of this service. You still need to make your own judgment whether to continue to use the services of websites operated by other operators. Proper or lawful. This service does not guarantee the suitability, stability, timeliness, validity, correctness and completeness of any external links.

You may be linked to some websites that you dislike or do not need. This is a possible result of the operation of the Internet. When encountering such a situation, our company recommends that you do not browse or leave such websites as soon as possible. You also agree that the Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by your own linking to a website that is not part of the Service.



The rights to any information you upload, transmit, input or provide to the Company are still owned by you or your authorized person. When you upload, transmit, input or provide information to the Company, you agree to authorize the Company to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, adapt, distribute, Distribute, publicly publish, publicly transmit, publicly screen, and translate such materials, and may sublicense the aforementioned rights to others within this scope. You also guarantee that the Company will not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights by using, modifying, reproducing, publicly broadcasting, adapting, distributing, distributing, publicly publishing, publicly transmitting, publicly showing, translating, or sublicensing such materials, otherwise we shall be liable for any consequences. The company is liable for damages.



If the service is suspended or interrupted due to “routine” maintenance, modification or change of the membership service system or functions, the club will be notified by email, announcement or other appropriate means before the suspension or interruption. You agree that the service No liability for damages is required.

Under the following circumstances, all or part of the service will be suspended or interrupted, and we will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages to users:

  1. When the software and hardware equipment related to this service are relocated, replaced, upgraded, maintained or repaired.
  2. Any violation by the user of government laws or these Terms of Service.
  3. Service suspension or interruption caused by natural disasters or other force majeure.
  4. The website service will be stopped or interrupted due to any reasons that are not attributable to the service.



All advertising content, text and picture descriptions, display samples or other sales information you view on this service are designed and presented by the respective advertisers, product and service suppliers. You should use your own discretion and judgment as to the accuracy and credibility of the advertisements. This service only accepts entrustment to publish and does not assume any liability for the aforementioned advertisements.

The relevant ownership rights and advertising layout management rights of all pages of this service, including but not limited to banner advertisements, pop-up advertisements or other forms of advertisements and messages that appear at the top of the page and other positions or methods deemed appropriate by this service, are owned by Unless otherwise agreed in advance by the Service, members or third parties may not sell, operate, or provide such online advertising or similar businesses to third parties in any way, either by themselves or in the name of a third party.



The various membership services provided by this service are only provided based on the functions and current status of the service at that time; for users’ specific requirements or needs, including but not limited to speed, security, reliability, completeness, accuracy, etc. This service does not assume any guarantee or guarantee responsibility in any form or content.

For the pictures or text you upload, you should judge by yourself whether it is appropriate to publicly transmit it to the website. This service will do its best to ensure the security of your information, but there is no guarantee that any file or information will be reliable and secure during the transmission process. It also does not guarantee the security, reliability, completeness, correctness, and freedom from disconnection and error of the files or data stored.

You should consider the risks of e-mails, files and other materials you download from this service. If your computer system is damaged or data is lost due to downloading, this service does not assume any warranty responsibility. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights The software or programs used in this service and all content on the website, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, materials, website structure, website screen arrangement, web design, member content, etc., are controlled by this service. Or other rights holders own their intellectual property rights according to law, including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, business secrets and proprietary technologies, etc. No one may use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, publicly transmit, publicly perform, adapt, distribute, publish, publicly publish, perform restoration engineering, decompile or reverse assemble without permission.

If you wish to quote or reproduce the aforementioned software, program or website content, you must obtain the prior written consent of the service or other rights holders in accordance with the law, unless expressly permitted by law. It is your obligation to respect intellectual property rights. If violated, you shall be liable for damages to this service. This service and its related marketing promotions, product and service names, designs, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “the service trademark”) are protected by the trademark law and fair trade law according to their registration or use status. Without the prior written notice of this service, Agree, you agree not to use this service mark in any way.



If notification is required by law or other relevant regulations, this service may notify you by including but not limited to: email, regular letters, text messages, multimedia messages, text messages, posting on this service web page, or other reasonable methods now or in the future. Including changes to these Terms of Service. However, if you violate these Terms of Service and access the Service in an unauthorized manner, you will not receive the aforementioned notification. When you access the Service in an authorized manner and agree to these Terms of Service, you agree that any and all notices sent to you by the Service will be deemed to have been delivered.



Any request or claim from any third party arising from or resulting from your providing, posting or transmitting “member uploaded content” through this service, using this service, connecting to this service, violating these terms of service, or infringing upon any rights of others, You agree to hold harmless the Company and the Service, its managers, agents, employees, partners and licensors from any damages.



You agree not to reproduce, copy, sell, trade, resell or use for any commercial purpose any part of the Service or the use or access of the Service (including member content, advertising, software and accounts, etc.).



Based on the operation of the website, the membership service may stop providing all or part of the service, and the user cannot claim any compensation or compensation for this. The company reserves the right to modify the membership terms of service at any time and publish the revised terms on the website. You agree to read them on the website without further notice. If there are terms that have a significant impact on the rights and interests of members, the company will retain them according to the membership requirements. The email provided shall be a notice and shall be effective on the date stated in the notice.

If all or part of any service terms stipulated by the Company is invalid, it will not affect the validity of other valid terms. If you violate these terms of service, the company reserves the right to temporarily stop providing services or terminate the provision of services at any time, and you may not claim any compensation or compensation for this.

You agree that the Company may modify the contents of these Terms at any time; once the modified contents are announced on the Service Website and you continue to use the Service, you will be deemed to have agreed to the modified contents.

You agree that the Company has the right to terminate or modify all or part of the Service at any time, and may notify you of the termination or modification by announcement or email.

You agree that if the files or information you publish, transmit, send or store on the membership service violates any law, violates these Terms of Service, or infringes upon the rights of a third party, the Company may do so at any time without notice. The right to directly move, delete or stop service provision without liability for damages. If the Company suffers any damage as a result, you shall be liable to compensate the Company for damages.